This video will show you how to correctly fit your hair extensions for an instant Ombre look!

To create this vibrant look, you will need:

  • Butterfly clip
  • Comb
  • Hairspray
  • Extensions (Lauren is using the Hair Rehab Luxe Volume Clip Ins 160g)
  • Hairbrush


Step 1: Firstly use your ears as a guide and divide your hair with your fingers on the lower half of your head, clip the remaining upper section of hair up, you won’t need this right now!

Step 2: Use the comb to softly backcomb the root area you are going to clip the extensions in to; this will add extra bounce too! (When you are backcombing keep in mind you only have to backcomb where the clip will sit.)

Step 3: Push the clips firmly downwards into backcombed roots and clip them shut.

Step 4: Pull the top section of hair down, and create another layer around 1cm higher than the last section you clipped in.

Step 5: Clip the upper half of your hair up once again, and repeat steps 1-3 for however many layers you need to create your beautiful Balayage locks.

Step 6: Using the two small remaining side clips, fill in any sections of hair you think need blending in round the front. Lauren fits hers just above her ears.

Step 7: Brush all of your hair together, blending in the clip in hair with your own for a more subtle look.

Step 8: This step is optional, but Lauren is curling small sections of her own hair and the extensions to create a relaxed wavy look.

Step 9: Secret tip! Using a paddle brush, hold the ends of the extensions and run the brush upwards on your hair slightly. This creates extra width!

Step 10:  Sprits with hair spray and you are ready to go!

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