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What type of hair extensions look most natural?

What type of hair extensions look most natural?

We have all seen someone whose hair extensions are super obvious! The ultimate goal is for our hair extensions to be as discreet as possible, right?! With the right hair extensions no one will know you are wearing them...Perfect!  

The key to discreet extensions is getting the right extensions for your hair type…

hair extensions for coarse thick hair

Thick / Coarse Hair - strand by strand methods are best suited to thicker or coarser hair.  This includes Stick Tips (applied using micro rings) and Hot Fusion (applied using keratin tips with a heat gun).  Extensionists will apply between 100 to 150 bonds to average thickness hair, depending on their clients hair texture and desired end result.  The bonds will need refitting every 8-12 weeks, but depending on your care and maintenance regime, Hair Rehab London human hair extensions will last up to 12 months. 




hair extensions for fine hair

Fine / Thin Hair - Tape extensions are the best type for fine flyaway hair. Their flat weft, applied close to the root provides a discreet natural look that is easily blended even on very fine hair.  The tapes will need reapplying every 6-8 weeks depending how fast your hair grows, but depending on your care and maintenance regime, Hair Rehab London human hair extensions will last up to 12 months.





Short Hair - we recommend you have at least 4”- 6” length hair to be able to wear extensions, although we are aware we have some super talented extensionists out there that have worked with less!  If the short hair you have is of average thickness Nano extensions have a small clear silicone tip and are applied using tiny micro beads so that they are easily hidden in your own hair.  If your hair texture is finer, then Tape extensions will be the better option for you (see previous paragraph). Nano extensions will need reapplying every 8-12 weeks, but depending on your care and maintenance regime, Hair Rehab London human hair extensions will last up to 12 months.

hair extensions for damaged hair

Damaged Hair - a qualified extensionist will be able to advise the best type of extensions for your hair and whether your current hair condition is suitable for hair extensions.  On rare occasions, they may suggest using Clip-in extensions rather than permanent extensions.  Clip-in extensions are still a very viable option for discreet volume and length and as they can be removed after each wear, can also give damaged hair a little breather before having permanent extensions reapplied.  Just like our permanent extensions, our Clip-in extensions can be heat-styled, cut and dyed but also offer considerable flexibility as you can wear just a couple of wefts for some natural daytime confidence boost, or go for a full pack of wefts for absolute glamour, be 18” long one day and 24” long the next!

Check out our previous blog to find out exactly how to care for your hair extensions. 

The most important tip for ensuring you get the most natural look when getting your extensions fitted is to make sure you use a qualified extension specialist. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their certification and do try to speak to some of their other clients for feedback.  Take a look at our salon finder to find the nearest salon to get your dream hair extensions.

hair rehab london hair extensions for fine hair

If you are unsure which extensions are best for your hair type, use our Personal Colour Match service to send in a photo of your hair type and our team can advise you. 


Hair Rehab London offers a range of hair extensions including temporary clip-in hair extensions and more permanent TapeWeftStick Tip and Hot Fusion extensions. We offer 5 lengths; 14”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” and a wealth of thickness to suit most hair types. In addition, we stock the very popular ‘Instant’ hair range featuring a number of affordable and easy to apply hair pieces including ponytails, top knots and wigs.


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