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What are the best hair extensions for fine hair?

What are the best hair extensions for fine hair?

Images from the beauty and fashion industry portray thick luscious locks which means if you are one of the large majority of us who suffer from fine hair, it can be frustrating and really dent your confidence. 

It is quite normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair each day and for those of us with longer hair, this perfectly normal hair loss is more noticeable on the hairbrush, stuck to our clothes or clogging up the bath plughole.   However, with 100,000+ hair follicles on the average scalp, this level of hair loss should not be a cause for concern. 

What causes fine hair?

Lauren Pope's Postpartum hairloss journey

Genetics, stress, illness, hormones and even diet can have an impact on how fine our hair is.  If you have a family history of fine or thin hair, chances are you will have fine hair yourself.  Sudden or high levels of stress can sometimes push your growing hairs in a resting phase rather than growth phase which will make your hair appear thinner.  A hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, too little or too much nutrients and even pregnancy (watch Lauren Pope's Postpartum hair loss journey here); a quick internet search of ‘hair loss’ will hopefully reassure the majority of you that you are not alone, there are many medications, products and options out there for those of us with fine hair.

What can I do to get thicker hair?

        1. Feed your hair from the inside - Hair is one of the first parts of our body to suffer when our nutrition isn’t enough.  Apparently energy to form hair cells is lowest when you first wake up, so extra protein in the morning can contribute to healthy hair, in addition to complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and plenty of water.  Foods that are high in fatty acids, protein, and vitamins A, B, C, and E are particularly effective for helping to thicken up fine hair.
        2. Tangle Teezer Hair Rehab London
          Love your locks - So many of us invest in skincare products to keep our skin moisturised, protect it from sun damage and keep it looking youthful; but how many of youtube this much care with your hair?   The right hairbrush, detangling and protection sprays, minimal heat styling and a break from hair dyes can all help reduce split ends and breakage to give you thicker hair.  We love Tangle Teezer’s Ultimate Styling Brush (available to buy on our website) which gently detangles without pulling.
        3. Thicken it up - Ever wonder how professionals and session stylists achieve max volume on clients and celebs with thinner hair?  They use clever layering of specialised thickening products.  Make sure you avoid alcohol based products as these can often be counter intuitive, swelling the hair, but drying it out at the same time. Instead check the ingredients list for the likes of hydrolyzed oat protein, cetyl or cetaryl which will add volume but also be kind to your hair. Three of our favourite tired and tested products at Hair Rehab HQ are Ouai Hair Care Volume Spray, Aveda Thickening Tonic and Bumble & Bumble Thickening Great Body Blow Dry Creme.
        4. It’s all in the styling - We’ve compiled the best styling secrets from our session stylists below
          1. Dry your roots in the opposite direction of where you want your hair to fall will create lasting root lift and the appearance of volume.
          2. Gently backcomb your layers with the right tool, such as Tangle Teezer's Back Combing Hairbrush (available to buy on our website) and hold each section of backcombed hair in place with a tiny spritz of hairspray
          3. Blow dry your hair upside down
          4. Use Dry Shampoo to add extra texture
          5. lauren pope hair rehab london fine hair
            Plait your hair at night to add quick and easy texture and volume
        5. Fake it - Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces are an excellent way to add instant volume to thin or fine hair.

Hair Rehab London Extensions are the best extensions for fine hair

It is a common misconception that hair extensions cannot be worn on fine hair.  As long as there is no underlying medical cause for hair thinning, choosing quality hair extensions and having them applied by a qualified professional can often give your own hair a break from excessive styling and damage which in turns enables new growth and in turn, thicker hair.

hair rehab london original hair extensions

Hair Rehab London Original Clip-in Extensions was the first product created by Hair Rehab London founder, Lauren Pope back in 2007.  A fellow fine hair sufferer, the product was designed to lie flat against her head and not be so heavy that they would pull her own hair out.  The result is our hugely popular Original Clip-in Extensions that blended naturally with her own thinner locks and provided extra volume specifically where it was needed. 

hair rehab london tape extensions

For those of you looking for a more permanent solution, Tape Extensions are without a doubt one of the best hair extensions for fine hair.  Extremely lightweight, very discreet and with no damage to your own hair with the correct application and removal, Tapes offer those of us with fine hair the opportunity to add volume and length all over, or in very specific areas where we can be more prone to thin hair such as the temples.  You can read more about this innovative hair extension method in our previous blog.

Applied incorrectly Hair extensions can cause strain on our hair, which can, in turn, lead to an increase in hair loss. For this reason we always advise that you get your hair extensions applied by a professional, don’t be afraid to ask the extensionist to show you their qualifications and always ask for reviews from their previous clients.  You can search for hair extensionists in your area on our Salon Finder.

When you are losing more hair than normal

You should see your doctor or a trichologist if you’re concerned about how much hair you are losing. If you find the thinning is getting progressively worse or if bald patches appear, these could be signs that there may be an underlying health condition. 



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