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There’s no two ways about it, wearing Hair Extensions is a commitment if you want to keep them looking healthy and soft. Hair extensions should be brushed regularly throughout the day - at least 2-3 times. Hair Rehab London sell a range of brushes that are ideal for maintaining Hair Extensions. Both our Bristle Brushes and Tangle Teezer brushes are designed to flow through hair extensions.

As hair extensions have no natural oil themselves a hair oil and heat protection spray are essential to keeping the hair soft and supple. Regular application can help prolong the life of extensions, but ensure the oil is suitable for extensions. Do not apply excessive heat when styling with a dryer, straighteners or other styling tools - this burns the hair, causes split ends and fades the colour.  180C is the highest temperature that you should use any styling tools at.

Hair should be brushed before washing. It is essential to use a shampoo and conditioner that are free of sulphates and sodium chloride.  These ingredients can lead to dryness and affect hair colour and condition.  Avoid using a heavy circular motion when shampooing rubbing dry as this can encourage matting. When drying hair only a low heat should be used.

Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight by using a hair SPF or covering the hair when in direct sunlight. Also avoid contact with chlorine and salt water as these can affect the condition and colour of the hair.

Our synthetic hair pieces come pre-styled so will need very little styling.

Do not use any heat on your hair piece as this can result in damage to the hair fibres.  The product can be gently washed in shampoo and conditioner, work gently into the hair and gently rinse in cold water, then leave to dry naturally.

The best brush for synthetic hair is a bristle brush.  You should avoid vigorous brushing as it can stretch the hair fibres.

We have a wide range of shades available in our collection and would always suggest you buy the correct colour rather than colouring hair extensions.  It is possible to colour your Clip-in Extensions and Luxe Wrap Ponytails but not any of our synthetic products such as Dual Volume Ponytails, Clip-in Plaits, Clip-on Buns, Instant Wrap Ponytails or Half Wigs.

We always advise caution and to use a professional to do this. We also recommend to only change the colour by a few shades, only darkening rather than lightening and to avoid any bleaching agents. We suggest testing a small area first to ensure you are happy with the result. Please note, once your product has been coloured (this includes coloured shampoos) you are unable to return for a refund.

You can use heat on your Clip-in Extensions, Luxe Wrap Ponytails and Salon Professional Extensions. Protect your extensions by using a heat protection product and a maximum temperature of 180C.

Do not use heat on any products from our Instant Hairpiece range, such as Ponytail, Bun, Clip-in Plait, Wig etc. 

Ideally your hair should be around shoulder length or longer but with clever styling techniques you can wear them if your hair is shorter. A hair stylist experienced with extensions can help you work out the best extensions for you and can style and blend them to best suit your hair.  You can find a Hair Rehab Salon near you here.

Clip-in Extensions are not designed for daily wear, and so the lifespan will vary depending on how often you wear, wash and style them.  As a rough guide, you can expect your extensions to last up to a year if you are wearing them about once a week and take good care of them.

Our Hair Hangers prolong the life of your Clip-Ins by keeping them neat and covered up when not in use.

Our Salon Professional hair extensions are designed to be worn every day and should typically last 6-12 months with correct care and maintenance.  Some people find they last over a year.

Our clip-in extensions are just that; and are not designed for, or recommended for, use as a weft. Whilst we are aware that customers do sometimes use them for this purpose with successful results, it must be borne in mind that this is not a professional grade product and that having the product permanently applied, with the daily washing, styling and heat application this entails, will cause the product to have a shorter lifespan than if it is used for its designed purpose as Clip-in extensions that are removed between uses.

The colour of your extensions can change a little over their lifetime, due to environmental factors like sun or heat exposure, or products that you apply to them, so you may find that your new extensions look a bit darker or more vibrant than your old set.  As our human hair extensions are made from a natural material, there can also occasionally be a very subtle variation in colour between batches.  You can check you are happy with the colour of your Clip-ins using the sample piece in the top of the pack, before removing the hygiene seal on the main part of the pack. If it’s not suitable, you can return it, following the returns procedure here and we can help you find a good alternative with our Colour Match service here.

Orange or pink discolouration (sometimes described as brassiness) can have a number of causes. Whilst it is to be expected that some colour change can occur over the life of the product, it is not normal for a significant change to take place, particularly within a short period of time. Likely causes of discolouration can be exposure to chlorine, salt water, UV or minerals that can be found in tap water in hard water areas.

Hair extensions can be particularly vulnerable when on holiday due to the extra sun, swimming and different tap water if the extensions are washed. By ensuring you keep your extensions out of the sun, the pool and the sea you can minimise the risks of discolouration.  

If you have very light blonde extensions are experiencing pink discolouration more than orange, one culprit could be coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a powerful antioxidant that when exposed to different levels of light and oxygen, can take on a slightly pink hue.

To remedy, it's a case of identifying the cause so you can prevent it worsening and then correcting the colour as much as possible.  For hard-water discolouration, we find a product called Malibu C Hard Water can be very effective at removing discolouration.  For other forms of discolouration, applying an opposite coloured shampoo can help to neutralise the discolouration.  For orange / brassy tones it will be a silver or violet shampoo and for pink tones it will be a blue or green shampoo, but ensure it is sulphate-free. Also, be careful applying direct to the hair extensions as the colour can sometimes be quite strong. It is advisable to dilute it to begin with and test on a small area first.  We would always advise that you seek the help of a professional hairdresser to correct discolouration.

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