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U-Tip Extensions: Everything you need to know

U-Tip Extensions: Everything you need to know

This week is all about U-tip extensions; read on to find out everything you need to know to make the best decision for your hair!

These extensions are popular and for good reason. They’re extremely flexible; a salon professional will apply them strand by strand for a natural result and can mix a number of shades for a truly bespoke blend.  They are also very reasonably priced and simple to reuse. No wonder so many women love them - they’re available in various styles. Take a look at our salon finder to find the nearest salon to get your dream hair extensions. 

What are U-tip extensions?

hair rehab london utips

U-tip extensions are pre-bonded hair extensions; this means the hair is bonded into an individual strand using keratin glue. There are many names for pre bonded hair extensions that it’s easy to get confused. You might have heard them called keratin pre-bonded extensions, fusion bond hair extensions, bonded extensions, and more. U-tips (also sometimes called Nail Tips) specifically have a “U” shape at the top of the strand so they’re easily recognisable against the other types such as flat tips.




How are U-tips fitted?

close up of hair rehab london keratin tipped bonds

U-tips are applied using heat – known as the fusion method. Your hair extension specialist will attach the strands to your hair with the correct tools at the correct temperature to fuse the strand to your own hair without breaking the u-tip bond.

How long do they last?

The life of your u-tip extensions is affected by the way they’re cared for and how often they are reapplied.

Hair Rehab London Wefts last for 9-12 months with the correct care and maintenance and we often receive rave reviews on our quality. Take a look at our previous blog on how to care for your hair extensions.




There are 2 factors that affect how long your extensions will last for. Here goes:

  1. The condition of the hair. If you’ve cared for your extensions and given them plenty of love by washing them properly, keeping them away from chlorine and tying them back during exercise, you’ll probably be able to reuse them. Your hair extension specialist will give them a deep conditioning treatment, apply fresh keratin tips and then reapply.
  2. Reapplication time. Your u-tip extensions will naturally move down as your own hair grows. After a point, you’ll want to have them reapplied, depending on your hair type this will be between 8-12 weeks.


Do U-tip extensions damage your hair?

mikaylajanexx wearing hair rehab london u tips

So you want great looking extensions but also want to keep your natural hair in tip-top condition? Well of course you do! There are two things to remember - correct application and careful aftercare; U-tip extensions will only damage your hair if they’re badly fitted or badly cared for. Always get your extensions fitted by a qualified extension specialist, this means you are unlikely to suffer from damaged hair. Choosing a qualified technician to fit your extensions also gives you a head start on the perfect aftercare. Get all our top tips from our previous blog about caring for your luscious locks; the dos, the don’ts and everything else there is to know. All this knowledge will help you keep your extensions and natural hair at their best.


@giselawallis wearing hair rehab london u tips

Are U-tip hair extensions easy to hide?

As long as you have had your hair extensions fitted by a qualified specialist, once fitted you should not be able to see the bonds at all. Hair extensions should be placed just far enough away from natural hair line to allow you to cover the bonds with your natural hair, allowing you to tie your hair back as you normally would without the risk of the bonds being seen. If hair extensions are fitted too close to the hair line, they may become visible, which is why it is important to have your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional to ensure this is done correctly.


@annamathildao wearing hair rehab london u tips

What are the Pros of U-Tip Extensions?

  • They work on short and thin hair
  • Quick and easy removal
  • Long lifespan
  • No damage to natural strands
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Tips are very discreet
  • Can be used to create highlights and add colour
  • Will add length and volume to your hair



Hair Rehab London offers a range of hair extensions including temporary clip-in hair extensions and more permanent Tape, Weft, Stick Tip and Hot Fusion extensions. We offer 5 lengths; 14”, 18”, 20” and 24” and a wealth of thickness to suit most hair types. In addition, we stock the very popular ‘Instant’ hair range featuring a number of affordable and easy to apply hair pieces including ponytails, top knots and wigs.


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